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Company Policy

Conduct and Standards of Behavior for Employees, Sub-Contractor and Supplier Personnel
Performance understands the vital role that established and clearly defined standards of conduct and behavior play in the successful completion of a project and in the maintenance of our valued client relationships. We established this policy set to provide clarification and standards for; rules of verbal and written communication; equal employment opportunity; compliance with immigration laws; drug, alcohol and substance abuse; sexual harassment; weapons and workplace violence; establishment of English as the communication standard; dress code & grooming; distribution of written materials; licenses, credentials and training of sub-contractor personnel; on the job safety, accident response and accident reporting; and many other topics including disciplinary actions for failure to comply are presented. 15 pages

Safety Program and Philosophy
Performance has developed and implemented our proactive Safety Program to protect Performance employees and visitors, Client's employees and visitors, and subcontractor's employees and visitors from preventable accidents and injuries. Performance strongly feels that safety is the day-to-day responsibility of every Performance employee and is counting on the cooperation of all employees to implement this program and make the Performance workplace as safe as possible. This emphasis on safety is particularly important given the physical, heavy construction machinery oriented nature of the Company's business. 18 pages

Hazard Communication Program
In compliance with OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations 1010.02, the following Performance Hazard Communication Program has been put into effect to allow job site personnel to have ready access to information describing the characteristics and potential hazard of chemicals brought onto the job site and to protect job personnel from harm and injuries that might otherwise result from handling or working with these chemicals. 9 pages

Responsibility For Implementation Of This Program
Performance Construction's off-site senior management has overall responsibility for ensuring that Performance's Hazard Communications Program is properly and completely implemented at each job site.

Performance's Director of Safety is responsible for actively reviewing the implementation of Performance's Hazard Communication Program at each job site, through audits and other means, and for providing information and other assistance as required by the on-site superintendent.

Performance's onsite superintendent and his assistants are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of Performance's Hazard Communications Program, including the maintenance of the on-site records, disseminating hazardous chemical information as required, and on-site hazardous chemical training.

Drug Policy
Performance categorically prohibits employees from reporting to work or coming onto Company or Client premises while under the influence of or impaired by illegal drugs, intoxicating drugs, or alcohol. In addition, the company categorically prohibits employees from possessing, using, distributing, purchasing, or transferring illegal drugs, intoxicating drugs, or alcohol on Company or Client premises. Finally, the Company prohibits employees from reporting to work while under the influence of certain prescribed drugs or using certain prescribed drugs while on Company or Client premises. 10 pages

Weapons Policy
Performance categorically prohibits employees for bringing onto Company or Client premises weapons or handguns of any sort or from exhibiting any behavior perceived as violent or threatening by other persons while on Client premises or while conducting the Company's business, regardless of location. 7 pages

Administration Policy
The company utilizes a full and complete administrative policy inclusive of an employee handbook governing all aspects of both the company and its personnel's duties and obligations. 41 pages

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